Lotte, founder and owner of BEST MOVE Pilates, shares her inspirational story that led her to where she is now and what motivates her to create the philosophy or BEST MOVE: 


June 1999. I had always been a passionate athlete. There I was, standing tall. Proud. Happy. I had done my BEST and the gold medal was my reward. 

April 2005. BANG! I miraculously survived when the truck hit us. Blessed. Grateful. I now understood that I had a purpose to be the BEST and happiest version of myself for as long as I was alive. 

June 2009. The vision of my graduation pulled me through the toughest of days.  Sports Science and Medicine was my passion, my dream. This sense of achievement and my degree was my greatest reward yet! 

Light bulb moment

June 2015. My saddest birthday ever! Family versus career? I chose family. Yet, I had never felt more lost, lonely and without a purpose (I was supposed to have one, right?). Sense of self-worth? Non-existent. Then I had it, that famous light bulb moment: Drawn to its philosophy and the calm approach that required deep focus and control over movement, I decided to become a Pilates instructor.

Rebel I am

“Stick to the manual and its instructions”, is what I was told as I was attempting my first teaching lessons. What…?!?!? Why…?!?! This ‘one fits all’ approach didn’t make sense. The medical scientist in me – but also my intuition – rebelled. I decided right at that moment that I wanted to do things differently. I wanted more!

Becoming a game changer

And so, I took off to become the BEST of me so that I could guide others to MOVE and BE their BEST, too. I pushed the limits on how things could be done differently. My purpose was to become a game-changer, using Pilates as a vehicle: more individual, out of the box (and yes), unconventional in many ways. 

But definitely with one thing in mind: if anybody chooses to attend Pilates with me, then they deserve nothing but the BEST to become their BEST, physically and emotionally. 

As BEST MOVE Pilates continues to grow, I welcome the growing number of fellow instructors and ‘BEST believers’ with a passionate aim to guide them to the same excellence I ask of myself to ensure they too can BE and share their BEST with our increasing number of clients. 


Thinking about it now, it all makes sense. But looking back, little did I know that my approach to hard work, the revealing of my purpose through life’s events, and my inner urge to do things differently but properly would become the mission that I live and breathe today! BEST MOVE Pilates is my story of passion, dedication and love for myself and people all over. 

BEST MOVE Pilates can be your story too.

Are you ready to MOVE your BEST to BE your BEST? 



Katya Kinski gave me the foundation to my work and the courage to follow my intuition. I am forever grateful! My family is my happy and safe space. I thrive on their love and support. And lastly to my tribe of friends and clients: I am because of you, so is BEST MOVE Pilates, because of your loyalty and trust. My gratitude is yours, always!

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