The experience of Pilates MAGIC!

Pilates MAGIC aims at capturing the Pilates based physical & emotional ‘feel good factor’ that extends into our lifestyle and emotional well-being. The Pilates method is as much a mental focus and training of the mind as it is that of the body. No one else but Joseph Pilates himself could have explained it any better by saying that

It is the mind itself which builds the body“.

Besides the physical benefits such as toned muscles, posture correction, prevention of injuries, weight loss, performance enhancements client experience emotional benefits while on their Pilates journey.

“Change happens through movement. And movement heals.”
– Joseph Pilates

This feel good factor seems to grow further the more often my clients attend classes and progress along their Pilates journey. Clients feel rewarded with an incredible sense of achievement as they start connecting with themselves and their body, feel physical strength and alignment improve but also grow as individuals in their improved posture and inner will to maintain their (newly) found balance in health and wellbeing. It is the awareness of breath and (core) centred physical strength, which – with regular practice – reflects in mental focus and confidence.

As my clients experience these positive changes in their lives they become encouraged to maintain their physical and emotional centre of strength. And with that their lives regain a healthy perspective – both on a personal and a professional level. It is this Pilates MAGIC that BEST MOVE Pilates aims to capture, experience and share amongst those interested and open to the journey! If you’re ready to get started please join us in either group classesprivate sessions or on one of our special Pilates MAGIC event days.

Pilates Magic