‘Celebrate kindness’ for this month and the crazy times we are facing. I too worry about the development of the COVID-19 and am fully aware of the risks we face, but I would like us to start the month of April by focusing on what we can still do: laugh, hope, value family time, listen to music, love, call a friend, read a book, play a puzzle, talk to each other or simply enjoy some alone time… and of course, do BEST MOVE Pilates in the comfort of your home! One thing is for sure: we are here for you! We are committed to your health and well being like never before! As Joseph Pilates said, ‘Movement heals’, and as a research confirms it boosts your immune system too! Let’s all share the GOOD news with friends and family. Let’s ‘celebrate kindness’ by taking care of each other in every possible way that these times require. My care, love and kindness go out to all of my wonderful clients! BEST MOVE Pilates is because of you! Thank you, always, Lotte xxx