Meet the Team

Lotte – Founder and owner, Professional Pilates Instructor

Former competitive athlete and three times german champion in swimming, Lotte – founder and owner of BEST MOVE Pilates – holds a Masters degree in Sports Science and has gathered many years of experience in rehabilitation, the sports and health management industry.

Having her own experience in mind, Lotte combines her medical knowledge and experience with the teaching of Pilates. Her passion lies in leading her clients to better health by moving their best. In that she approaches each teaching session with enthusiasm and a high standard of professionalism. Her thorough understanding of the human body and its abilities allows her to teach in a manner that is challenging and stimulating yet never frustrating or disillusioning.

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Elaine – Pilates Instructor

Elaine’s Pilates journey started when living in Hong Kong whilst working as a senior executive in the global fashion industry. Her dynamic personality with a loving passion for coaching and mentoring people lead her to travel the world and enjoy working in culturally diverse environments.

Elaine successfully qualified as a Pilates instructor with Pilates Academy South Africa despite her visual impairment. Keeping her own experience in mind, Elaine has developed an exceptional talent for communicating movement through tactile and spoken instructions allowing her clients to achieve an in-depth Pilates experience. 

Elaine’s Qualifications Why choose Elaine?
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Charlie – Pilates Instructor

Charlie has been successfully running a swimming school since 2015 but was eagerly looking for a new challenge to her teaching skills. Once introduced to Pilates it became very clear to her that teaching Pilates would contribute significantly to her already established teaching career in swimming.

She completed her Pilates mat and equipment course with Pilates Academy South Africa in 2020 and has since embarked on balancing her teaching passion between Pilates and swimming. Her fun loving and warm hearted personality allow her clients to immediately feel comfortable.

In addition, Charlie’s teaching experience allows her clients to feel guided with competence and encouragement to MOVE and BE their BEST.

Charlie’s Qualifications
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Janene – Operations Manager

Janene is the operational back bone of BEST MOVE Pilates. Her natural ‘order seeking’ personality, her dedication and eye for detail is the perfect fit to our professional client experience.

Be it clients birthdays, organisation of events or keeping the stats for our 5 STAR Reward programme: Janene magnificently contributes to all background aspects of the business allowing her to become known as a true ‘operations queen’ of which we feel blessed to have as part of our BEST MOVE team.

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