Meet the Team

Lotte, founder and owner, Pilates Instructor – BEST MOVE Germany & online

Former competitive athlete and three times german champion in swimming, Lotte – founder and owner of BEST MOVE Pilates – holds a Masters degree in Sports Science and has gathered many years of experience in rehabilitation, the sports and health management industry.

Having her own experience in mind, Lotte combines her medical knowledge and experience with the teaching of Pilates. Her passion lies in leading her clients to better health by moving their best. In that she approaches each teaching session with enthusiasm and a high standard of professionalism. Her thorough understanding of the human body and its abilities allows her to teach in a manner that is challenging and stimulating yet never frustrating or disillusioning.

Lotte’s Qualifications Interview with Lotte

Elaine, Pilates Instructor

Elaine’s Pilates journey started when living in Hong Kong whilst working as a senior executive in the global fashion industry. Her dynamic personality with a loving passion for coaching and mentoring people lead her to travel the world and enjoy working in culturally diverse environments.

Elaine successfully qualified as a Pilates instructor with Pilates Academy South Africa despite her visual impairment. Keeping her own experience in mind, Elaine has developed an exceptional talent for communicating movement through tactile and spoken instructions allowing her clients to achieve an in-depth Pilates experience. 

Elaine’s Qualifications
Best Move Pilates

Sonette, Pilates instructor – Blouberg

Sonette was introduced to Pilates as a way of preventing injuries during her rock climbing, trail running and mountain bike activities. Being an adventures lady Sonette even conquered the summit of Kilimanjaro in 2011. 

Her own experience led her to become a Pilates instructor in 2008 aiming to assist athletes to increase their full physical potential whilst decreasing the risk of injuries. She further decided to expand her knowledge by completing a course with renown Katya Kinski which has taught her to attend to an individuals’ Pilates needs on a deeper level. Sonette’s warm hearted and focused teaching abilities allow her clients to reach their full physical potential whilst being free from injury and pain. View Sonette’s time table here or arrange a booking.

Sonette’s Qualifications

Essie, Pilates instructor – Vredehoek

With a degree in drama, Essie has always enjoyed working physically and creatively before being side tracked into the retail industry. Through Pilates she was reminded of her passion for movement and working with people. 

Becoming a Pilates teacher, Essie realized she can find creative and fun ways to assist others on their unique journey to master the skill of moving pain and stress free. She therefore completed her Pilates mat, equipment and reformer course with Pilates Academy SA in 2022 and is now successfully teaching Pilates in the Cape Town; Vredehoek area. 

Essie’s wish is to teach her clients how to move well and to encourage a ‘body mind connection’ in order for people to feel comfortable in their own body, both of which Essie believes contributes actively to a joyful life. 

Essie’s Qualifications