Let’s get YOUR Pilates Magic started!

Pilates instructor – and now what?

Starting your Pilates business can be a daunting experience. So many uncertainties… Where and how do you even start? Marketing…? Studio rental…? Full time or part-time teaching? Equipment…? And how do you get over the uneasiness towards anatomy and medical topics? No need to worry.

Pilates Instructors
A friend in the industry!

A ‘friend in the industry’ who has your back

What if you had someone who understood exactly what you are going through? Someone who has been through it all and can direct you with hands on experience? How do you feel about being guided to grow your business step by step, your questions being answered and your teaching expertise constantly being improved? Imagine being inspired by someone who knows what it takes and believes in you and your ability to become the BEST version of yourself.
If WE CAN do it, YOU CAN do it!

Inspired. Supported. Guided.

A friend in the industry!

From passion to pro!

Here’s how we make it work: BEST MOVE Pilates has been in the business since 2016 and has since grown into a well-known Pilates brand that stands for business professionalism and sports science expertise with a growing loyal client & instructor base. We understand how lonely the journey can be, but also know, the lessons we learned are the ones you can benefit from. Working together we will put your name out there, put clients in touch with you and in our constant aim for education we will assist you in becoming the BEST instructor you wish to be!

Client Leads

What’s in for you…?

How about getting 15-20 client leads within the first 6 months of working as an instructor? How about feeling inspired, supported and cared for while embarking on your journey of self employment? 

By becoming a member of the BEST MOVE Pilates Institute we lessen your fear of failure on your instructor journey and guide you towards building a growing client base and steady income. You will be able to consistently raise your confidence and teaching skills to pride yourself as a reputable Pilates instructor of the highest standard.


We got your attention? You love the idea? …curious?

Let’s chat! Just you and me, FREE of charge! Let’s get to know each other and see if we got what you need. You talk about your ideas, your goals, your worries and yes, your fears, too. I listen to understand and then share how we can help you unfold your BEST potential. 

Pilates Instructors

Ready to get started?

Here are our ‘proven to work’ packages ready to get you BEST MOVEing forward!

The ‘BEST OF ME’ package

If anything, this is THE one package you simply shouldn’t be without! This package gives you what WE have and what YOU need: Exposure to the world! 

We’ll get you and your location listed on our website and our fabulous, constantly updated backend does the rest to make sure clients start coming through your door – no matter where you are! Plus we’ll support you on social media, too!

Book it for only R399,- per month for 6 months or
R299,- per month for 12 months
Students of Katya Kinski receive 20% discount. 

The ‘SHARE THE SECRET’ coaching package

You probably have tons of questions going through your mind – we know. Tell us about it and we’ll share all the hands on advice. How to find studio space? Set your rates? Set up a timetable and so much more. By the end of these 2 sessions (45min each) you will be able to walk confidently into your business as a Pilates instructor! 

Book it for only R1200
Students of Katya Kinski receive 20% discount. 

‘IT TAKES 2’ Packaged deal!

Book BEST OF ME & SHARE THE SECRET and get a free MAKE THINGS EASY package worth R600 for FREE. This package includes three digital images personalized with your picture (and logo if available) for ease of use during your busy teaching days:

  • ‘Meet your instructor’ image of yourself to add your personal touch from day one
  • Neatly designed image with your banking details to ensure swift client payments
  • Rate card for ease of use for quick door to door enquiries

Coming soon! 

Marketing Packages, Communication Packages and webinar dates on sports medicine topics relevant to Pilates teaching! Watch the space!

Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact me on & let’s chat how we can BEST MOVE your business forward!

Lotte - BEST MOVE Pilates