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‘Make a wish, take a chance and ….make a change!’ The last 3 months have been leading up to this newsletter. Pweh! What a few months it’s been. Janene and Julie have been working on the handover and I’ve been observing it with a smile but also with an aching heart. Janene will be missed, but I’m happy for her and also extremely proud of her contribution to BMP and the person she has grown into since I’ve met her!

Julie on the other hand is stepping into this role with courage and confidence. And I’m excited and proud of her, too! In the meantime, all BMP instructors, namely Charlie, Elaine, Julie and myself have been working tirelessly on the teaching transition. Sharing my knowledge and experience is challenging and rewarding at the same time and I’m grateful for these wonderful people to become the voice of BMP! And as W. Disney said: If you can dream it, you can do it!’

Love always, Lotte

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